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Herbal products for connoisseurs We believe that the quality of the products that we offer is second to none. We specialise in wildcrafted, organic kratom, and also offer a fine range of herbal teas and ethnobotanicals. Our promise to you is that as well as offering market-leading products at great prices, every customer receives prompt and personal attention.  
High-quality wildcrafted kratom The kratom that we stock is truly exceptional. It is gathered from Indonesian primary and secondary forest in Borneo, so it is completely natural and organic. Only the older, more mature leaves are harvested: these leaves are darker in colour and are known to have a stronger alkaloid profile than younger leaves.
Attention to detail We provide not only the finest quality products, but the best service as well. Orders received in the morning are dispatched the same day, and customer queries dealt with in a prompt and friendly manner. We're very proud of the fierce loyalty of our customers, and we intend to build upon our great record. There's even free first class shipping for all, so the price you see is all you pay.

Kratom and more

6th August 2014 - payment methods: we regret that we are no longer routinely accepting bank transfer payments due to increased banking costs. Therefore there is no longer a bank transfer option in the checkout, but if you are unable to pay by card please contact us and we'll make arrangements for you.

8th April 2014 - more postage options: we've had some customers complaining that their eagerly-awaited packages aren't turning up as quickly as they'd hoped. We're offering our UK customers the opportunity to select guaranteed next day delivery as an option, alongside the free first class service we have always offered. Meanwhile, overseas customers can now opt to pay a little extra for a tracked service.

15th November 2013 - payment methods: following the closure of Google Checkout we have moved over to the CardSave payment gateway, which offers processing for almost all credit and debit cards with state-of-the-art security measures to keep your details safe. Of course, if you would like to pay by post (cheque or postal order) or by bank transfer, you are more than welcome to do so - and in response to lower processing costs at our end we are still giving 5% discounts for bank transfer payments.

Would you like to pay with Bitcoins? A few customers have asked if we can accept Bitcoin payments. At the moment we are unable to integrate Bitcoin payments into the shopping cart software, but if you would like to pay this way please drop us an email and we will arrange to accept Bitcoin payment.

5th March 2013 - more rumours... Some customers have been in touch, worried about a global kratom shortage. It seems that rumours have been spreading about an export ban in Indonesia, which would cause problems for the supply of kratom worldwide. Perhaps some suppliers are trying to induce panic buying to line their pockets? Not all kratom vendors are 100% respectable! However we'd like to reassure you that we're not having any problems at the moment; our shipments are arriving unfettered, and there is no reason to panic.

7th July 2012 - new products added! Our rather enjoyable testing period is at an end, and I can confidently say that we now offer the best catuaba, muira puama , American ginseng, cat's claw and mucuna pruriens available anywhere in the world. This product range expansion has been in the offing for quite a long time, and lifting the curtain on these fantastic products is an emotional moment. A thousand thanks to each and every one of our customers :)

9th June 2012 - we're back from our rather soggy holiday and all orders placed whilst we were closed are being shipped out this morning. Many thanks to all of you.

14th April 2012 - by popular request, we're introducing a couple of kratom selection packs, offering a variety of strains in one pack for a cheaper price than buying them all separately. They're intended either for giving as a gift, or for those who simply want to sample a range of strains.

Changes (mostly downwards!) to kratom prices - April 2012  -  I have changed all the kratom prices, and this is why. Since we first offered kratom, with only four strains, we've always kept the prices the same for all strains. The prices we pay to buy the kratom from our supplier have always differed slightly between the various strains, but we've just absorbed the difference. However the prices we pay change often, and now we find ourselves paying quite a bit more for some strains of kratom than others. So it doesn't really make sense to have all strains of kratom the same price any more, so they've all been adjusted to reflect our input prices.

The overall effect of these changes are that Red Vein Borneo, Red Vein Sumatra, White Vein Sumatra, Red Riau and Green Riau have gone down slightly in price, whilst Green Malay and Red Thai have gone up slightly.

Twitter - Natural Chemistry now has a Twitter account: @NChemistry. Follow us for news, updates and deals - I'll be posting special offers from time to time.


Just in case you're wondering what our customers think of us, here are a couple of excerpts from emails I've received recently:

"You got a deal as you've been better to deal with on every level than the rest" - C

"I am intent on supporting you through only ever buying from you" - J

"You're wonderful, but ya can be really rather irritating at times... ;oD" - S (well, you can't please everyone all the time!)


Affiliate programme

We have a very high level of customer loyalty: once a customer has shopped with Natural Chemistry once, we know that they are likely to return again and again.

Therefore, it makes sense for us to offer an affiliate system: if you introduce a new customer to Natural Chemistry, we will give them a 10% discount on their first order and a generous payment for you as well.

Our affiliate software is still in its testing phase, so you can't sign up online yet, but if you have someone you would like to introduce to Natural Chemistry please let us know by email and we would be delighted to include you in the programme. Get in touch and we'll send you the details.

Kratom Association

Kratom Association

Natural Chemistry is proud to be a Kratom Association certified vendor. You won't find any dodgy pills or potions claiming to be kratom here - just the real thing.